Admission Procedure

Parents seeking admission for their child in the school must go through the Admission Procedure in details.

label_important The school imparts education from Nursery to Std. VIII.

label_important Admission to school is considered on the basis of age, merit and vacancy.

label_important The prospectus for different classes can be obtained from the school office.

label_important The filled in forms are to be submitted for registration in the school office.

label_important The following attachments have to be submitted along with the admission forms

label_important Photocopy of the birth certificate obtained from any of the following :

label_important Notified Area Committee

label_important Municipality / Corporation

label_important Office of Births and Death

label_important Two passport size colour photograph.

label_important Xerox copy of the report card of the last school.

label_important Four full and short signatures of the parent/ guardian on an A4 size paper.

label_important Original Transfer Certificate of the previous school.

Eligibility Test

label_important No formal test is taken for admission in classes Nursery. However the candidates along with their parents are required to undergo an interactive session of assessment.

label_important Candidates seeking admissions in LKG, UKG will be tested for fluency in English, knowledge of English and Hindi alphabets, counting numbers 1 to 100 and identifying colours, fruits and flowers etc.

label_important Candidates seeking admission in Std. I and II will be tested for fluency in English, reading and writing small sentences, naming and writing names of Days and Months, Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication tables 2 to 5 etc.

label_important Candidates seeking admission from Std. III to Std. IX will be tested in English, Hindi, Maths, Science.

label_important The result of the Entrance test will be displayed on the School Notice Board within a week of the date of test taken.

label_important The successful candidates will be admitted as per the merit list .

Fee Regulation

Payment schedule for fees are follows:

label_important Tuition Fee (monthly) to be paid by 10th of the current month.

label_important Bus Fee is to be paid by 10th of each month.

label_important Tuition Fee for the month of February and March should be paid together by 20th February of that session.

label_important Annual Charges for every new session must be paid by the first week of April.

Admission Form (For Reference)

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